Friday, April 19, 2024

The Senate convened at 11:00am.

Agreed to, 62-30: Motion to proceed to H.R.7888 (a bill to reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978).

Not agreed to, 31-61: Paul amendment #1829 (to append the Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act). 60-vote affirmative threshold.

Not agreed to, 17-75: Marshall amendment #1834 to strike the prohibition on political appointees being involved in the approval of queries by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Not agreed to 34-58: Wyden amendment #1820 to strike section 25, relating to definition of electronic communication service provider.

Not agreed to 11-82: Paul amendment 1828, prohibit the use of authorities under the FISA of 1978 to surveil US persons, to prohibit queries under such Act using search terms associated with US persons, and to prohibit the use of information acquired in any criminal investigations.

Not agreed to 42-50: Durbin amendment to prohibit warrantless access to the communications and other information of United States persons. (1841, as modified)

Not agreed to, 40-53: Lee amendment to appropriately address the use of amici curiae in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court proceedings and to require adequate disclosure of relevant information in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 applications. (1840)

Passed, 60-34: Passage of Cal. #365, H.R.7888, FISA Reauthorization. (60-vote affirmative threshold)

The Senate adjourned at 1:29am.