The Senate stands in recess until 10:00am on Thursday, January 13, 2022. Following Leader remarks, the Senate will consider S.3436, a bill to require the imposition of sanctions with respect to entities responsible for the planning, construction, or operation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and their corporate officers and to apply congressional review under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act to the removal of sanctions relating to Nord Stream 2, and for other purposes. 

The Senate will recess from 12:45pm until 2:15pm. 

At 2:15pm, there will be up to 30 minutes for debate on the bill, equally divided. Upon the use or yielding back of that time, the Senate will vote on passage of the bill, with 60-affirmative votes required for passage. 

Additional roll call votes are expected during Thursday’s session. 

By a vote of 55-44, the Senate did not pass S.3436, regarding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 

Passed during wrap-up: 

  • H.R. 2471, measure the progress of post disaster recovery in Haiti 
  • S. Res. 490, recognizing the essential work of the US Capitol personnel on the anniversary of Jan. 6 
  • S. Res. 491, raising awareness and encouraging prevention of stalking by making Jan 2022 National Stalking Awareness month 

At 9:52 PM the Senate adjourned 

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Floor Schedule

The Senate stands adjourned for Pro Forma sessions with no business conducted on the following dates and times:


Monday, July 15th at 11:15am

Thursday, July 18th at 10:00am

Monday, July 22nd at 11:30am


When the Senate adjourns Monday, July 22nd, it will next convene Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 at 3:00pm.


5:30pm Tuesday, July 23rd the Senate will vote on the confirmation of Executive Calendar #621 Colleen Duffy Kiko, of North Dakota, to be a Member of the Federal Labor Relations Authority for a term of five years expiring July 29, 2027. (Reappointment)


Cloture was filed on the following:


  1. Executive Calendar #701 Kashi Way, of Maryland, to be a Judge of the United States Tax Court for a term of fifteen years, vice Mark Van Dyke Holmes, term expired.
  2. Executive Calendar #702 Adam B. Landy, of South Carolina, to be a Judge of the United States Tax Court for fifteen years, vice David Gustafson, term expired.
  3. Executive Calendar #551 Margaret L. Taylor, of Maryland, to be Legal Adviser of the Department of State, vice Jennifer Gillian Newstead, resigned.