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The Periodical Press Gallery assists bona fide correspondents working for magazines, newsletters, non-daily newspapers and online publications and serves Members of Congress and Congressional staff with any periodical press related questions or issues.

Primary Responsibilities of the Gallery and Gallery Staff:

  • Provide reporters with working office space including telephones, television, computers, & printers
  • Maintain a daily log of Senate Floor activities (available on our website)
  • Serve as a liaison between reporters and Senate officials/staff
  • Assist Senate press secretaries with media coverage of committee hearings
  • Answer reporters’ questions about Senate activities, legislation, process and history
  • Assist Reporters’ Executive Committee and the Senate in credentialing reporters to the Gallery
  • Catalog reference materials, including a history of the Senate and Senate activities

Office Information

Staff: Ed Pesce (Director), Justin Wilson (Deputy Director), Shawna Blair (Assistant Director)

Location: U.S. Capitol, Room S-320 Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202-224-0265

Fax: 202-228-3480

Email: periodicals@saa.senate.gov